Why you should visit… Sé Cathedral

Discover Porto’s gems with AtWill! This week: Sé Cathedral.


Undoubtedly, Sé Cathedral is one of the oldest and most important monuments in Porto’s Historical Center! Its foundation dates back to the 12th century but the church was only finished a century later. It went through many renovation works during time and it’s exterior was heavily modified during the Baroque period (between 17th and 18th centuries). Around 1732 a Baroque loggia was added to the side of the Cathedral, designed by Nicolau Nasoni – the same architect of the Clérigos Church and Tower! It is beautifully adorned and really stands out.

sé cathedral

On the inside, look for the amazing silver Altarpiece located in one of the chapels – it was made in the 17th century by Portuguese artists and artisans and it’s considered a masterpiece! Also from that period of time are the three red marble holy-water fonts, located near bronze bas-reliefs depicting Christ’s baptism. Don’t miss the chance of visiting the Gothic cloister and the terrace, both beautifully decorated with tiles panels.

Located at the top of Pena Ventosa Hill, this area is where we can find Porto’s origins. Some of the streets around Sé still have they medieval features! A few places in the surrounding area of the Cathedral needed to be demolished for a refurbishment done in the 1940’s, when the square named Terreiro da Sé was designed and the Pelourinho was added. Even thought the area now looks very different from its ancient times we can still imagine how was life there!

sé cathedral

There’s so much to say about this place… A visit to Sé Cathedral is an amazing way of discovering Porto’s history and identity! Join us in a Porto History Master Class Tour and travel back in times with us, seeing important places like Sé and learning great tales about our past!

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