Portugal Travel Consulting

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Explore Portugal with our help: Discover our Portugal Travel Consulting service!

If you are planning a trip to Portugal but need help deciding the details, consider getting our Portugal Travel Consulting and Itinerary Design service! With our experience and expertise, we will make sure you have the best time in our country.

 Here’s what we can do for you

  • We can help you decide your complete travel itinerary based on your interests, available time and budget;
  • Indicate which cities you should visit, how long to stay in each of them and the best ways of going from one city to the other;
  • Suggest unmissable attractions providing detailed information on working hours, prices and discounts;
  • Propose the best accommodation, restaurants, and tour for your entire trip.

How does it work

First of all, we need to know three main things:

  1. What kind of vacation do you want? A relaxing vacation or an adventurous experience? What are your main interests regarding Portugal? It can be wine tasting, gastronomy, local history, architecture, and arts… Tell us what you and your family like!
  2. How much time you have to spend in Portugal? Do you prefer to spend more time in few places or less time in many different places?
  3. Last but not least, how much do you want to spend? Portugal has options for everyone: from modest budgets to luxurious experiences. We will adapt your itinerary to what fits best in your pocket!

After we have this basic information we will contact you for a Skype meeting. This part is important so we can ask you some more detailed information and you can ask us any questions you may have. From there, we will start working on your travel itinerary and, when we have it done, we will send you via email.

After that, we can have a feedback-Skype meeting if needed, so we can talk about any changes and further questions. We will only finish our work once you’re completely happy with your itinerary! And to make sure you enjoy your vacation the most, you can still ask us anything you need during your time in Portugal via Whatsapp.

Why choose AtWill

AtWill is familiar with all sorts of travelers and their needs. Our work is to combine our knowledge with your wishes, creating personalized itineraries that will help you get the most of your time in Portugal. Our team is composed of locals who are born and raised in this beautiful country. We know all corners of it and we can help you to discover Portugal’s true essence! Idyllic schist villages, the most remote beaches, historical cities packed with churches, fresh seafood and amazing traditional recipes, emerging artistic scene, vineyards and olive trees… We can tell you the best places to visit according to your interest!

More than point to you the “must see” landmarks, we will give you tips and ideas that only locals know! Move away from the usual tourist tracks! If you want to go beyond the basics and have a unique time in Portugal, then you should consider our Portugal Travel Consulting and Itinerary Design service!

What to expect

With our Portugal Travel Consulting and Itinerary Design service, you will receive a complete travel itinerary with all the information about your destinations together with hotel suggestions, tours, restaurants, main attractions and transportation that best fits your itinerary. Your PDF detailed itinerary will include:

  • A travel summary calendar, for a quick and easy idea of your itinerary;
  • A day-to-day program, detailing where you will be and what you should do each day;
  • At least two suggestions of accommodation and restaurants in each city, per day;
  • Detailed information about unmissable attractions: how to get there, price, working hours and how to make your reservation;
  • Summarized history of Portugal and of each city you will visit, including cultural information and tips!

Portugal travel consulting


The price of your exclusive travel itinerary will vary according to the duration of your trip. See the price chart below for a better idea of our fees:

For groups up to 5 people
2 nights: 50€
3 to 5 nights: 75€
6 to 8 nights: 90 €
9 to 14 night: 120€
>15 nights: 170€

(We only consider part of your itinerary the nights you will spend in accommodations in Portugal; commuting time is not chargeable.)

After we receive your payment, we will need up to 5 working days to draft your itinerary. We will send it to you via email together with the schedule of our feedback-Skype meeting. Any modifications in the itinerary are included in the price – you won’t have to pay any extra fees for alterations.

Get in touch!

Send us a message and tell us what you need. We will get back to you ASAP!