22+1 reasons to visit Portugal!

Do you still need reasons to visit Portugal?

Recently, the English newspaper The Telegraph published an article titled 22 reasons why everyone is going to Portugal right now. Some of the reasons to visit Portugal are pretty obvious (and a bit cliché) for us, locals: the beauty of the big cities like Lisbon and Porto, the breathtaking landscapes of the Madeira and Azores islands, our delicious food and wine, the typical Fado, our amazing coastline and beaches…

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Typical snacks from Porto. Delicious – and we know it.

On the other hand, some of their reasons are good inside tips, for example the Estádio Municipal de Braga (Braga soccer stadium, a city bit north from Porto), the beautiful Piscina das Marés (a swimming pool designed by Siza Vieira, located at Leça da Palmeira, near Porto) and the Serralves Museum.

Another interesting information on the article are the numbers related to the increasing of tourism in the country. In 2017 – year when Porto was elected Best European Destination -, the number of foreigns visiting Portugal increased 12% in comparison to the year before. If you check the numbers, we can say that tourism in Portugal increased 122% since 2000!

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Besides the reasons pointed by The Telegraph, American publication Forbes published last week a list of The World’s Friendliest Countries. And guest who achieved the first position? Yes, Portugal! According to the research done by InterNations, 94% of the foreigns living in Portugal said that Portuguese have a friendly attitude towards expats; 58% said it’s easy to make local friends and 47% of them think about staying in Portugal forever!

Personally, I can assure this perception: since I moved to Portugal I never wanted to leave this country. I was supposed to stay here for two years and soon I’ll be completing six years living in Portuguese lands! And since I joined AtWill, my mission is to share this passion with visitors from all over the world. Book your tour with us and we will give you more than 22 reasons to fall in love with Porto!

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Our beautiful Porto! Photo credit: EuroDicas.

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