Day-trip ideas from Porto: Pinhão!

In the picturesque Douro Region, Pinhão is a good place to stay while exploring the vineyards in the area! On this post we give you some suggestions of “quintas” you should visit while there!


Great holidays to visit Porto and Portugal!

Are you planning your trip to Portugal but are not yet sure when would be the best time to visit? We are here to help you! Here’s a list of local holidays and popular parties, which are the best dates to visit our country!


Day-trip ideas from Porto: Aveiro!

After visiting Porto, how about a day-trip to Aveiro? Discover here what this charming city has to offer!


Day-trip ideas from Porto: Guimarães

If you’re visiting Porto and have some time to explore other Portuguese cities in the surroundings, you should consider visiting Guimarães!