The ABC’s of Porto: H is for Henry!

Prince Henry Of Portugal, Duke of Viseu, was an important character in Portugal’s history! Also known as Henry The Navigator, he was the responsible for the beginning of the Portuguese Discovery Era. In the 15th century, Portugal consolidated as a big maritime empire.


Back them, the Portuguese navigators discovered the “Volta do Mar” (“return of the sea”), a major step in the development in the history of navigation! Henry had also encouraged the king to conquer Celta, an important port in the North African Coast. Under his commandment, the Portuguese navigators also found the Azores and Madeira Islands.

Henry was born in Porto, in March 4th, 1394, at the city’s riverside area to be more precise. Nowadays, you can visit the house where he was born: Casa do Infante (Prince’s house) works as a museum and exhibition space with free entrance during the weekends!


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