Become a Tripeiro – Lesson #4

Learn some the different words used in Porto and Lisbon!


If you want to become a Tripeiro, you must know that people that are born and raised in Lisbon are called Alfacinhas – translate as little heads of lettuce! The origin of this nickname is unclear and many people have different theories for that. A very popular one says that it goes back to 8th century, during the Muslim occupation of Lisbon. They brought with them “Al-Hassa”, which would be translated to Portuguese as Alface, and used to plant it all over the hills of Lisbon. During difficult seasons the locals would only have few to eat and lettuce was abundant, so the local people got to be known by that!

and Tripeiros have a very distinctive vocabulary, and if you want to blend in you must know a few keywords to sound like a local. And be careful not to mix it up and use Tripeiro’s words in Lisbon or the other way around! That would be a disaster!

Alfacinhas say… but Tripeiros say:

Frigideira (frying pan) – Sertã
Imperial (draft beer) – Fino
Bica (coffee) – Café
Garoto (coffee with a drop of milk) – Pingo or Pingado
Ténis (sneakers) – Sapatilhas
Bitoque (a plate of steak and fries) – Prego em prato

Bonus – Advanced expression:
If someone asks you what time it is, in Lisbon they say “a quarter to 3”, but in Porto we say “3 minus a quarter”!

He hope you liked our tips to feel like a local! If you want to learn more about Porto and its particularities, book a tour with us. You will learn all about Porto’s way of life! Get in touch if you are ready to become a Tripeiro :)