Casa da Música – The City´s Meteor

If you’ve wandered a bit further out from the historical downtown of Porto, it is likely you’ve stumbled on a rather large round square with a big monument in the middle. The Boavista is an important major area of Porto but on that square stands a a rather bizarre and intriguing building, which sort of looks like an alien meteor crashed in the middle of the city. Why it’s the city’s concert hall! The Casa da Música, a highlight of Porto’s modern architecture.

casa da musica

The concert hall began being built in 1999 in the premise of Porto’s 2001 European Capital of Europe event, but only finished in 2005. The building was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhas, and well, his work definitely stands out in the city! His unusual lines have created a massive nine floor building, with phenomenal acoustics and regular concerts. The stark white panels house various themed rooms among them being the popular Sala dos Azulejos, which sure enough is covered in beautiful Portuguese tiles. If you’re a fan of modern architecture, the Casa da Música is a definite must see in the city. It’s quite easy to reach, with a metro station nearby by the same name.

casa da musica

It stands really grand and apart from the rest of the city’s constructions and a mark of the Porto’s entrance in the 21st century, and its keeping up with the times.

If you want to discover this incredible place and other famous buildings contact us! Porto is heaven for architecture fans!