Casa Guedes: It´s Lunch Hour!

Casa Guedes is so good that we needed to repost:

Casa Guedes is the place of choice for a delicious and quick snack/meal. The customers are a mix of everyone: from the executive in a suit to the old men that live in the neighborhood, a bunch of students and, of course, tourist equipped with their cameras. Everyone loves Casa Guedes!

The reason is obvious: behind the counter rests a big and fragrant pork shank, which is cut by the owner César Correia – who has been doing this for the past 30 years! Allegedly, the pork recipe has influences from the Brazilian traditional cuisine, but that is, in fact, a mystery – I would say it’s Porto’s best-kept secret. Combine thick slices of that juicy pork with a crunchy bread and you’ll have a delicious meal. But at Casa Guedes you can add to that a creamy piece of Queijo da Serra – a famous cheese made in Portugal’s central region -, which elevates this sandwich to – literally – a piece of heaven! I always say to my newcomer friends: if God were a sandwich, this is how it would taste like.

casa guedes


To enjoy a complete experience, have it together with sparkling Espadal or a glass of vinho verde (green wine, very typical at northern Portugal). If the weather allows, go to one of the outside tables. For dessert, you can ask for another sandwich – is almost impossible to only have one! – or a piece of cheese with homemade compote.

Casa Guedes


And at lunchtime you can also have dishes like papas de sarrabulho (soup made with meat and blood), tripas à moda do Porto (tripe with beans), rojões (another kind of pork meat) and codfish (of course!) for very good prices. Don’t get frightened by the waiting line, it usually goes pretty fast. And trust me, it is totally worth it.

To discover more about Portuguese culinary and cooking traditions, book a Porto Food Tour with us! Besides tasting the most typical food we will tell you the history behind the dishes! It’s the best way of getting to know Porto and its culture :)