Coliseu do Porto…Porto´s music headquarters

Porto was always a city with a grand desire to be with the times and to be fashionable, a spirit led particularly by its high society circles, the merchants of the city. They are behind many incredible landmarks of the city of Porto, among them being the mighty Coliseu do Porto (Coliseum of Porto).

This streamline moderne art deco building has become one of the greatest cultural icons of the Unvanquished City. The location house a public meeting hall for the city’s high society prior to making way for what was going to be a “with the times”, modern centre of culture for the capital of the North. The project went through many hoops and architects but eventually came to open in 1941. It was very popular among the high society of Porto, and also doubled as a cinema in the 70s, but as time progressed the Coliseum was started becoming more and more decayed. In 1995, the owner of the Coliseum decided to sell to a Brazilian Evangelical denomination. These news were not well received by the population of Porto and its artists; it was in fact met with much revolt and polemic, so much so that an association was formed against the prospect of one of the city’s cultural venues becoming a mega church. The kerfuffle was such, that a year later the city hall allocated funds to purchase the building instead.

Having survived a fire in 1996, the renovated hall is now one of the largest in the city, which is definitely recommended these days as it hosts a variety of artists and shows of high cultural value. Truly a spot to try if you get the chance to have a taste of the Porto lifestyle!

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