Curious facts about Port Wine!

If you’re planning your visit to Porto, you are probably looking forward for a visit on a wine cellar and Port wine tastings, right? Today we share with you some curiosities about Port wine, so you’ll be prepared when you get here – this interesting facts will help you impress even the locals! ;)

1. Port wine can only be named “Port” if its made in the Douro region! This area is one of the 14 wine regions in Portugal, being the oldest demarcated wine region in the world! In 2001, the Douro valley was delcared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

port wine
The amazing Douro Valley!

2. Port wine was practicaly created for British exportation at the end of the 17th century! Its sweet taste matches the English preferences and it become hugely popular among them. If you pay attention to the wine cellar’s names, you’ll realize most companys have English names.

3. Most grapes in Portugal are native. The harvesting in the Douro region is almost entirely done by hand and, in some wine cellar, the grape are still crushed by feet! Then the wine is aged in big barrels and left in the caves at Vila Nova de Gaia to age.

port wine

4. Port wine must be served at room temperature. It goes really well with high-quality chocolates and strong cheeses! And proper wine storage is very important. Always keep your precious bottle on a horizontal position and store it out of the sun in a cool location.

5. The most expensive Port ever is selled by Taylor’s! It was launched in 2010 in a very limited edition, under the name of Scion. It costs €2500! We are talking about a 155-year-old wine of suberb quality! And even more improtanyl, this wine dates back to an age before the phylloxera epidemic, a plage that caused the biggest crisis in the area. Check the history of this treasure at Taylor’s webpage!

port wine
Scion Port wine!

Extra fact: Did you know that Portugal is the 11th largest wine producer in the world?

Despite its relatively small size, the country conquers an impressive 11th place among the largest wine producers in the world. To understand how impressive this is, Portugal size is around 92.212 km², Spain is 505.990 km² large, and Italy 301.338 km². Portugal vineyards area is the 8th largest in the world, with 224 thousand hectares, and is the 9th biggest wine exporter.


So if you are a wine lover, then Porto is the place to be! Don’t forget to book your private tour with us and discover much more about this amazing city, its traditions and, of course, amazing wines!

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