Discover Porto: Aliados Avenue

Aliados Avenue is the main street in Porto. It is considered the city’s “living room”, where most public festivities happen: public concerts, New Year’s Eve fireworks, and university celebrations. The avenue, built in the beginning of the 20th century, is flanked by tall highly-decorated granite buildings, which use to host the headquarters of important banks, insurance companies, fancy cafes and hotels.

aliados avenue
Aliados Avenue.

At the top of Aliados is the imposing City Hall, a marble and granite palatial building with a 70m high tower! Just in front of it, you can see a statue of Almeida Garrett, a famous Portuguese writer. As you go down the avenue, you will find other statues, like Juventude (1929) and A Abundância (“Abundance”), made by Henrique Moreira. At the opposite side is Praça da Liberdade, with the equestrian statue of D. Pedro IV.

Curious fact: at Aliados you can find the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world – yes, that’s a thing! We invite you to explore Aliados Avenue with us and discover what’s so special about it. We will tell you lots of stories ond show you hidden secrets :)

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Photos: AMAI|City Tailors|Pereira da Silva.