Porto’s neighborhoods: Foz do Douro

Foz do Douro, also known just as Foz, is the magnificent area in Porto where the Douro River meets the Atlantic ocean. What used to be a fisherman’s village is nowadays one of the coolest and fanciest neighborhoods in town!  When the weather is warm, here’s where locals and tourists come to enjoy the sun. Explore the area with our tips:

What to do

The best thing to do at Foz is to find a table in one of the sea side bars and enjoy a refreshing drink! At Gondarém Beach, you can have something to drink while keeping your feet in the sand. If you haven’t tried before, discover the very local drink Port Tonic, made with white Port wine!


Go to Senhora da Luz Street for some shopping: here you can find Portuguese design brands, like clothes, jewelry, and home decor. Then wander around the streets of Foz Velha to get impressed by the big mansions until you reach São João Baptista da Foz fortress. Near there, enjoy some relaxing time at Passeio Alegre, with its palm trees and idyllic promenade. Once there, do a quick break in the public bathroom – it is the cutest public bathroom you will ever see!


Where to eat

If you want to have delicious petiscos (small portions of food) and local wines, go to Casa de Pasto da Palmeira. Chef João Lameiras is the responsible for this cozy Portuguese-style bistro. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 pm to 12 am!


And if you like pastry (who doesn’t?), Foz won’t disappoint you! Doce Mar is a traditional bakery famous for its croissants. Located right on the sea shore, grab one (or two) to eat at the beach! If you’re more of a muffin kind of person, go straight to Café Moreira. Matched with a typical meia de leite (large cup of coffee with milk), it can’t get better than this!


And don’t forget: to truly explore Porto and see the city with the help of a local, book a tour with us!

Photos: OportoCool|Porto24|Double Trouble – Blog|NiT