New Porto Wine Museum

One of the newest attractions of Porto is a museum dedicated to a product which shaped the economy and growth of the city and its surrounding area throughout the centuries: Porto Wine.

Porto Wine

The rather recent Porto Wine museum is one which helps put into perspective just how deep an impact the trade of wine, port wine in particular, shaped the society and day to day life of the people of Porto. Documents and quotes from chroniclers of the time describing the otherwise forgotten jobs in the museum deeply alter the perspective regarding the history of the city, and the many jobs and tools of their trade are all on display in it. For example, there was a whole municipal corps dedicated to weighing things and policing trades and exchanges to make sure everything was done right and properly. Beside the Rabelo Boat models, which were used to ferry wine down the river to the city, is a video with animated gravures, sketches and etchings from the time depicting scenes in the city life, by the riverside, in the workshops where they made the barrels, and throughout the city in general! Lastly to top it all off, the establishment also offers port wine tastings. Nicely located in a central area near the most touristic centres in Reboleira street, this museum is definitely worth a peak, and it’s something you can do in around half an hour too.

If you want to imagine how the city used to be in the era of kings and nobles, learn more about how Porto’s society was inexorably bound to the wine trade, or just have a taste of the port wine of today then the Port Wine Museum is a great spot (particularly if you want to hide out from the rain!).

Porto Wine

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Adress: Museum do Vinho do Porto, Rua da Reboleira nº 5