Our guides Rock! Airbnb Experiences in Porto

It was almost one year ago that our guides were recruited to join Airbnb Experiences. It was a privilege to our company and clearly paid off!

Our guides have a unique way of showing Porto: they walk through less known streets or areas always giving you its background or pointing out curious details. Also being a student of the City´s University helps understanding how the city has developed and changed over the last few years.

Each tour has its special theme that is focused more during the walks like art, History, gastronomy…but these experiences are crucial to someone who just arrives to Porto and wants to explore! After you finish you will be able to discover on your one but with a better idea about the city´s map, culture and way of life!


street art in Porto

Adding to an incredible History and views, Porto is flourishing with restaurants, bars, design, craft stores, pastries, art, music and people. Things and places that you can get to try thanks to our guide´s tips! No wonder the Airbnb Experiences provided by Carlota and Miguel are top rated!

Events happening in Porto this weekend

We just want to thank everyone that helped transform these experiences into such a huge success! You are more than welcome to comeback and join us for an exciting and different tour! Here are the experiences links: for Miguel´s Street Art Tour and Carlota´s History tour !