Outside Porto – Bragança

Discover Portugal with AtWill’s tips! Today: Bragança


Bragança is a charming city near the Spanish border, in the Trás-os-montes Region (Portugal’s Northeast) and distant 2 hours away by car from Porto. The history of Bragança goes back to a long time ago: the city’s name come from the Celtics that, in the 2nd century, founded Brigância! The area was also an important settlement during the Roman occupation.


Bragança is a great place to visit if you want to discover the region’s true essence, in a area full of local traditions and culture yet almost not affected by tourism. Nearby you can also check smaller cities and villages like Mirandela, Miranda do Douro, Vinhais, Macedo de Cavaleiros, among others.

Here’s our suggestions of what you should look for while in Bragança:


Montesinho National Natural Park:

This park is one of the largest protected areas in the country with more than 75.000 acres. In its forests live all sorts of animals like the Iberian wolf, the boar and the royal eagle. It’s perfect for those who love hiking and being in touch with magnificent nature! Check here some of the trails and walks available in the park.

Bragança Citadel

Dated from the end of the 12th century, this fortified citadel was built by Benedictine monks and rebuilt in the 14th century. Inside the protective walls of the castle you can see the Menagem tower, the “Domus Municipalis”, Santa Maria church and the Pelourinho.

Sé Cathedral

Built in the 16th century, the city’s was occupied by the Jesuits in 1562. They also founded a college on the premises – nowadays transformed in the city’s cultural center, library and music conservatory. The inside of the church has a beautiful golden altarpiece and ceiling paintings depicting Saint Ignacio’s life, and a cloister worth the visit.

Abade de Baçal Museum

The origins of this museum go back to 1915, when was created Bragança’s Regional Museum of Art Works, Archaeological finds and Numismatic. In 1935 the museum was named after a priest, named Francisco Manuel Alves but known as Abade de Maçal, who was one of its most important director and made huge improvements to the collection. The museum is a must-see attraction and is located at the Episcopal Palace. Its collection is composed of ancient ceramics, religious art, archeological finds and more.

We hope you liked our tips and go visit Bragança after exploring Porto with us! Check here more places you can explore near Porto. And to see everything Porto has to offer, book a tour with AtWill! We will tell you all about Porto and region!

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