Outside Porto – Lamego

Lamego is located 120 km east from Porto, in the Douro region. It’s a historical and monumental city, considered by some as the Portuguese capital of Baroque! It is nowadays one of the most important cities in the Douro region, but its origins go way back in time, even before Portugal’s foundation.

The religious architecture is one of the gems of Lamego, together with the local gastronomy. Here are our suggestions for where to go and what to try once you’re there:


São Pedro de Balsemão church is a national monument and it’s the second oldest temple in the Iberian Peninsula. Some people say that this church was built during the Visigothic domination, but others affirm that it dates back to the 10th century.

The Sé Cathedral is a must-see in Lamego! Founded in 1129, the building is a mix of architectural styles that results in one of the most beautiful monuments in the region. Inside you can see the ceiling paintings done by Nicolau Nasoni (the artist that was also an architect and designed the famous Clérigos church and tower in Porto!).

Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary, located on top of Santo Estevão Hill, and its gorgeous stairs are a landmark in the city! It was built in the 18th century and up to today is a place of sacredness and devotion: every September thousands of people gather in the city and celebrate the pilgrimage to its patroness! The whole month is full of activities like parades, popular music, and fireworks, and the city teems with emotion!

Now regarding the local food, you must try the apples and cherries from this land! They are so tasty and delicious! Also, Lamego has a great production of olives and olive oil, acknowledged in the entire country. But the vineyards and the wine are for sure the most important activity in Lamego! Other typical foods to try are the sausages and the world-famous “Bôla de Lamego”. Everything together with sparkling wine, produced locally, of course!

We hope you liked our suggestions and go visit Lamego after exploring Porto with us! To learn everything about the Portuguese and Porto’s gastronomy, book a Food and Wine tour :D

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