Outside Porto – Miranda do Douro

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Miranda do Douro is not a typical destination for those traveling to northern Portugal. But if you want to visit a place still close to its traditions and culture, then you should definitely pay a visit to this small city!

miranda do douro

Located in the extreme northeastern part of the country, on the Spanish border, at a distance of 260 km from Porto (2:45h car ride), Miranda do Douro has two official languages: besides speaking Portuguese, locals also speak Mirandês, a language spoken by only 10.000 people in three locations (Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro and Vimioso). Some of them also speak Spanish and Galician. Some of them also speak Spanish and Galician. Once you’re in Miranda do Douro, look for the street signs: they are written in mirandês!

miranda do douro

To help your way around there, here a few places and thing you can do in Miranda do Douro:

Visit the city’s Sé (main cathedral), the biggest religious temple in the Trás-os-Montes region. Its construction started in 1552 but it was only finished in 1609! In 1910, the church was classified as National Monument.

Another place to visit is Terra de Miranda Museum, a museum founded in 1982 dedicated to preserve and display local rural traditions and lifestyle. It also depicts the occupation of that area, from prehistoric times up to today. The museum works in a building from the 16th century located in the city’s historical center.

And once in Miranda do Douro, don’t forget to try the traditional gastronomy! The city is very famous for its meat, namely the Vitela à Mirandesa (calf meat) and the local lamb (with certified origins, also sign as DOP). Also try “tabafeia”, a traditional sausage made with pork and poultry meat, olive oil, bread, and spices. For dessert, there’s “roscos” and “bola doce”.

Another idea is to join a boat cruise through the Douro river, exploring the natural frontier between Portugal and Spain. The ride starts at 4 pm and last 1 hour (tickets cost 18€). It provides amazing views and gives you the chance of seeing some rare bird species! A great opportunity to discover this part of the Douro river, still pretty much untouched by the man!

We hope you enjoy our suggestion and go visit Miranda do Douro! And remember: if you want to learn more about the history of Porto and the north of Portugal, book a History Master Class with us!


Photos: Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte|Panoramio|Rota da Terra Fria|Cozinha Tradicional|O Leme|Visit Portugal