Outside Porto – Santo Tirso

After exploring Porto with us, how about a visit to Santo Tirso?


Santo Tirso is a charming city just 30 km away from Porto. It is usually outside the touristic routes but it’s a good place to visit if you’re heading to Braga or Guimarães by car. Take half-day to check what it has to offer! To help you during your visit, we made a list with suggestions of places to visit and food to try while in Santo Tirso:

If you are interested in religious art and architecture, there are two Monasteries in the Santo Tirso region that are worth the visit: Nossa Senhora de Assunção – a monumental building with Romanic and Gothic inspired style – and the Singeverga Monastery, which holds a singular collection of religious art including one painting by Tintoretto.

The São Bento Monastery is a beautiful monument with origins dating back to the 8th century. It was rebuild in the 13th century and later in the 16th century again, but even after so many renovation works its fascinating architecture somehow remains. Its Gothic cloister is especially beautiful and in the interior you can find golden woodcarving and paintings evoking the life of its patron saint, São Bento.

Located on the upper floor of São Bento Monastery is the Abade Pedrosa Museum. Their archeological collection holds artifacts related to the occupation of the region in different period of time, from Prehistory to the middle Ages. Besides the collection the museum also present temporary exhibitions and offer educational activities. Entrance is free of charge!

Connected to the Monastery and the Museum is a brand new building designed by the most important names of contemporary Portuguese Architecture, Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura. The International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture is the result of a 10 year project realized by the city hall and the local artist Alberto Carneiro, who invited different artists from all over to world to install public art works throughout Santo Tirso. After visiting the museum you can go out and explore the city, looking for the art works!

In terms of typical gastronomy, there are a few things you must try once in Santo Tirso! The first one is the famous Jesuitas – a triangular shaped puff pastry, filled with cinnamon egg cream (doce de ovos) and a crisp icing on top. Limonetes are another very popular local pastry, made with the almost the same ingredients of the Jesuitas but in a different manner. To drink, try the Singeverga liquor, made locally in the homonymous Monastery!

We hope you liked our tips on Santo Tirso! Check here more places you can explore near Porto. And don’t forget: to see everything Porto has to offer, book a tour with us! We will tell you all about Porto and region :)

Photos: mosteirodesingeverga.com|Altervista|ArchDaily|viajecomigo.com|cm-stirso.pt