Porto Curiosities | Part I

There are few factoids and curiosities that guarantees you strating a conversation about Porto:

Today we are unveiling some of that information so next time you came to Porto it will seems like you were born here (you never know when this info might be a valued ice breaker):

Nº 1: At the Cantina 32 restaurant, in Rua das Flores, the restrooms are marked with the numbers 6 and 9. No one knows what each means: 6 is for Ladies? 9 for the Gentlemen? Even the staff will tell you to adventure and go for either one!

Nº 2: In São Bento train station you can find an old fortune-telling machine. For only 50 cents you can find where you’ll be traveling to next!

Nº 3: Fado is not only a thing of Lisbon. You can ear this typical Portuguese song in the Sé district at Casa da Mariquinhas, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Nº 4: The New York Times said that Casa da Música is “one of the most important concert halls built in the las 100 years”.

Nº5: The Port and Douro Wines Institute (IVDP) has strict rules when it comes to their tasters: they are not allowed to use perfume or scented shampoos so that the tastings continue unadulterated. That way, the certifications remain objective.


Stay tuned for the next curiosities…