Porto’s neighborhoods: Barredo

Barredo neighborhood is one of the most ancients areas in Porto!

After the development of the area around Sé Cathedral – where Porto first started -, the city started to develop towards the river. Barredo was the way to connect this two areas! A good way to explore it is to take the Barredo Stairs and explore the narrow streets and dark alleys behind Ribeira. Here are our suggestions of what to see and where to go at Barredo neighborhood:

What to see

Do like the old times and start your way from Sé Cathedral – it’s much easier to go downwards! Right at the beginning, you’ll see Arco das Verdades, parts of an ancient aqueduct built in the 16th century. This aqueduct used to bring water from Fontainhas to Santa Clara and São Lourenço Churches.

Keep on going through Barredo stairs. Another option is to take the Ascensor da Ribeira, also known as Lada Elevator. At its top part, you can have great views over the Ribeira and D. Luiz Bridge! The access is free of charge, but it only works during week days from 8 am to 8 pm. It is a cool way to make your way to the area near the river!

Lada Elevator.

Once you arrive at the yellow houses and narrow streets of Barredo, just walk around to explore it. Getting lost is part of the fun! Look for the tower building No. 5, at Rua de Baixo, which one of the oldest examples of civil architecture in town! It dates back to the 13th century and is a nice example of medieval architecture – the set of stairs at the entrance, for example, is very typical of that time.

Where to eat

If you want to have a nice glass of wine before starting this journey, stop at Arco das Verdades. This cozy wine bar has a great selection of Portuguese wines and delicious petiscos! Also, get ready for some breathtaking views over Gaia and the Douro River!

Arco das Verdades Wine Bar.

And if you’re looking for a local restaurant, look for Restaurante do Terreirinho. Hidden between Barredo’s streets, this small place serves homemade Portuguese food – which means rich and big portions! On Sundays, they host live Fado concerts. It can’t get more typical than this!

We hope you enjoyed AtWill’s tips on the historical Barredo neighborhood! And don’t forget: to truly explore Porto and see the city with the help of a local, book a tour with us!

Photos: Baixa.pt|Porto24.