Portugal, a gastronomy heaven!

Foodie traveler’s attention!

This CNN article can show you why everyone loves our cuisine: when in Portugal, you can have a large variety of dishes: stewed, boiled, grilled, fried, roasted (you name it!) and amazing pastry! You can also try dozens of different types of wines, from the northern to the southern regions of the country!

Also, every plate has its own special story and a reason why they are part of our history.

Portuguese gastronomy
Portuguese gastronomy

For example, in Porto, we have our own special dishes like Tripas à moda do Porto or Francesinha… Do you want to know more about these dishes?! AtWill we can give you a great experience while trying different “petiscos” (small portions) in typical “tascas” at the same time we walk around Porto and do some sightseeing!

Don’t miss this opportunity and know the city’s gastronomy in the most truly atmosphere:Book now!