São João is getting closer: Get ready for the party!

Learn more about this party and how we celebrate it!


Last week we told you about the origins of São João, the biggest party in Porto, which will happen on the night of June 23rd. Today, we will tell you all about the way we, as locals, like to celebrate it!

First things first: food. As every celebration in Portugal, food plays a major part in this celebration. We like to eat caldo verde (Kale and potato soup), bifanas (pork sandwich), roasted peppers and grilled sardines – all in big amounts. People are usually making barbecue on the street, so follow the scents to find the best food around. The drinks are pretty obvious: beer and wine. It can’t get more Portuguese than that!

So after we fill our stomachs, we head to places near the riverside to see the big firework spectacle that happens in D. Luiz Bridge. For around 15 minutes, everyone stops what they are doing just to appreciate the moment! If crowds are not really your thing, instead of going to the Ribeira area try to find a viewpoint, like the Vitória viewpoint.

After that magical moment, it’s time to head to the parties! Street concerts and popular dancing parties (called bailaricos) are a major part of Saint John celebration – almost every neighborhood in Porto will be heading their own party! Locals like to keep on going from one party to the other, starting at Ribeira and going all the way to Foz area. The bravest ones end their celebration at Matosinhos, early in the morning, ready for a dive in the sea!

Check our map with the biggest bailaricos and get ready for your own Saint John celebration:

We hope you have a great São João in Porto! And if you want to learn more about the city’s history and local traditions, book a tour with us! We will be glad to share our knowledge and passion with you :)

Photos: Alma de Viajante|Webook.