Porto´s Street Food

This summer a new movement is arriving to Porto! 

The Street food or ready to eat concept, already seen and well implemented in other cities is going to a have its chance here.

Untill the end of October, few projects of Street Food are going to be spread throughout the city, showcasing their brands and products. We’ll be able to find Belgium waffles, ceviche and poke, Sandwichs, Port wine cocktails, sushi, hot dogs, and others.

Some good friends of AtWill will be around Porto as well: Combi Coffe, with the best specialty coffee!

Street Food

For this and other reasons Porto is a gastronomic destination, no doubt about it! We can combine tradition and modern cooking in an irresistible way.

We’ll make sure that in our tours we include a stop in these food trucks and have a taste of their snacks!