Streets of Porto – Boavista Avenue

The longest avenue in town has more than 5 km of length and crosses 6 neighborhoods!

The Boavista Avenue connects the Military Hospital and the Rotunda da Boavista area with the ocean, ending up in the famous Castelo do Queijo – an awesome fortress near the beach.

boavista avenue

This avenue was created in the 19th century but it was only completed in 1917 (even though every year it goes under so many works that it never looks really finished!). Back then, the avenue had many beautiful trees and great houses, being one of the noblest areas to live in Porto.

Nowadays, Boavista Avenue has everything: hotels, offices, houses, fancy stores… even an awesome museum and a big green park! If you’re into architecture this is the right place for you – and here’s our tips on what you should check at Boavista Avenue:


Starting almost from its beginning, you can see the Rotunda da Boavista (Boavista Roundabout) and the great Casa da Música, a masterpiece designed by the Dutch and Pritzker Prize winner architect Rem Koolhaas. Don’t miss the private tours inside the concert house, or just go inside for a coffee!

Keep going towards the sea. In the crossing with Guerra Junqueiro Street you can turn left and find the biggest Synagogue in the Iberian Peninsula; or you can turn left at Antonio Cardoso Street and look for Casa das Artes, the first project that Souto de Moura won in a public competition. If you keep on walking in Boavista Avenue, you will find Torre de Burgo, one of his most iconic buildings of his career.

When Boavista crosses with Marechal Gomes da Costa Avenue you can find the Serralves Museum, the most important contemporary art museum in the country! Designed by Álvaro Siza, just the building it’s worth the visit! Stop and check its program! Continuing on Boavista Avenue you can find the Vodafone building, designed by Barbosa & Guimarães Architects. Its bold aesthetics make this building a landmark in the Avenue!

When you are almost approaching the City Park you can find, on your left side, the Quinta da Avenida, a housing and commercial complex designed by Souto de Moura. In the right side of the avenue you can find one of the entrances of the park, go there and explore it!

To finish your tour, go to Castelo do Queijo and enjoy some beautiful ocean views! To go back to the city center just take the 500 bus that will leave you at Aliados Avenue ;)

We hope our tips are useful during your trip to Porto! And if you want to learn everything about the city’s architecture, book an Architecture Tour with us :)

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