Streets of Porto – Flores Street

Discover the streets of Porto with AtWill! This week: Flores Street.


Flores Street was opened back in 1521-1525 by the King D. Manuel, to connect São Domingos Square to one of the doors of the medieval defensive wall (located nearby what today is São Bento Station). It soon became one of the most important streets in town and it was chosen by the nobles as a place to build their luxurious mansions – from which we can still see some remains up to today! The street was also full of goldsmiths and fabric stores, attracting a lot of wealthy people from that time.

flores street

Nowadays Flores Street is one of the coolest and most beautiful streets is Porto, but it was not always like that! In the last decade or so this part of town was pretty much in decay and this street almost completely lost its charm. The renovation of the “Baixa” area is only happening a few years from now but the changes are huge, and Flores Street is a big prove of it!

We made a list of our favorite stores for you to visit once you’re at Flores Street! Check them here:


Chocolataria Equador

High quality chocolate with gorgeous design! Try the chocolate with Port Wine for a very local experience. Don’t miss a visit to this place and give yourself a chance to indulge ;)

flores street

Mercearia das Flores

This charming store is all about Portuguese produce. Most of them are organic and produced locally, which guarantees freshness and flavor. Sit on the outside tables of the store, ask for a glass of wine and give this Portuguese delicacies a try!

flores street

43 Branco

Dedicated to local design and handcraft, 43 Branco is a charming store that has original clothes, accessories, shoes, wallets, ceramics and other vintage and contemporary pieces. Totally worth a visit if you’re a design lover!

flores street

There are also many options of places to eat and drink at Flores Street! The most famous ones are: LSD, Traça and Cantina 32.

We hope you liked our tips! To see more suggestions and learn the history of other streets, click here. And to explore and discover everything Porto has to offer, book a tour with us! :)

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