Streets of Porto – Mercadores Street



Mercadores Street

Roughly translated as “merchants Street”, this road was one of the most important routes in Porto medieval times! Connecting the Sé Cathedral to the Ribeira area, where all the commercial transactions happened, Mercadores Street was also a connection to the roads that lead to other regions in northern Portugal.

This street was located outside the City’s Walls (Fernandina Walls) and was one of the richest and important streets around the 14th century! The merchants had a lot of power and money and built tower-houses to live – some are still there! Up until the 16th century that was a law in the city that forbidden the nobles to stay in the city of Porto for more than 3 days. Back then, the nobles could choose any place to stay during their time in the city. But the merchants were so powerful that a law was created to forbid the nobles to stay even for one day at the Mercadores Street!

At the end of the 19th century, the street’s prestige began to decay and the area got in ruins, and its renovation only started a few years ago. Nowadays, mainly because its privileged location, the street’s buildings are being renovated and a new life is taking place! 

Check out tips on what to see and where to go once you’re at Mercadores Street:


Taberna dos Mercadores: Great restaurant with typical food and affordable prices. Don’t forget to make a reservation because it’s usually full of people. Try the codfish, you won’t regret it!

Porto Sense: A charming place to stay in the heart of the city. Enjoy the amazing river views!!

Before you get to the Ribeira Square, take a left in a small street named Rua de Baixo and explore the medieval neighborhood of Barredo! Get lost on its narrow streets and discover another side of the Ribeira area.

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