Streets of Porto – Mouzinho da Silveira Street

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Mouzinho da Silveira Street got its name in honor of José Xavier Mouzinho da Silveira, an important statesman and one of the main characters of the Liberal Revolution of 1820.

The street was built in 1875, to create another connection between the city center with the Ribeira area. It begins in front of São Bento Station and goes all the way down to Infant D. Henrique Square – where the Stock Exchange Palace and St. Francis Church is located. It’s construction actually demanded the covering of a river (the Vila river) with an aqueduct!

mouzinho da silveira

In addition to its proximity to São Bento Station, the street always had an important commercial role. It’s stores used to supply agricultural goods for the Douro and Minho region. Nowadays, the street is full of amazing restaurants and cool stores! Here’s our selection of places you can’t miss at Mouzinho da Silveira Street:


daTerra: Vegetarian heaven in the heart of Porto! Try their lunch buffet – which also includes vegan options – for 7,50€. It is also a good option for a quick healthy snack – because you probably cannot eat Francesinhas all day everyday!

mouzinho da silveira

Cantinho do Avillez: Avillez is a renowned Portuguese chef with many restaurants in Lisbon. Cantinho is his first restaurant in Porto and you surely can’t miss it! His Portuguese inspired cuisine with a contemporary twist is served in a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t forget to make your reservation!

Typographia: One super cool store with great souvenirs! Typographia is an international project that gathers young and creative around the world. In collaboration with local artists, they have incredible printings and t-shirts! Located at Mouzinho da Silveira Street No. 253, they are opened from 10 am to 9 pm on summer time.

mouzinho da silveira

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions on Mouzinho da Silveira Street! Keep up with our insider’ tips with our Streets of Porto posts. And if you want to discover the city in the company of a local guide, book a tour with us :)