Streets of Porto – Rosário Street

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Located in Cedofeita district, in Porto’s downtown area, Rosário is a cool street that used to be full with drift shops and secondhand furniture shops. In recent years the street has been changing and acquiring a more contemporary atmosphere – possibly because of the hype regarding its neighbor street, Miguel Bombarda, know as the premier art-gallery strip in town.

Nowadays Rosário Street has great places to eat and cool stores to check. We made a list of our favorite spots there, check and tell us what you think!

To sleep:
ROSA ET AL Townhouse | Rua do Rosário 233

ROSA ET AL is a unique guest house, offering only six suites for the selective traveler. According to them, “this is not your typical hotel, but rather your exclusive townhouse in Porto”. The rooms are elegant and well decorated, they offer spa services and serve brunch/5 o’clock tea/dinner. They also organize exhibitions and cultural events!

To eat:
Mercearia do Rosário | Rua do Rosário 44

With a focus on local produce, Mercearia do Rosário offers Portuguese dishes for lunch and other delicacies during the rest of the day. Eventually they organize Fado dinners, making it the perfect chance to try local food while listening to true Portuguese music! Next one will be on February 3th :)

To buy:
Patch Lifestyle Concept Store | Rua do Rosário 193

PATCH is a concept store that shows vintage items, contemporary handcraft and house decór design. The place also host commercial art exhibitions of Portuguese artists. Check their beautiful lightning objects and stationery products!

To see art:
Circus Network | Rua do Rosário 54

Circus is a place dedicated to street art and illustration, mainly composed by Portuguese artists. At Rosário Street you can find their gallery and co-working space. Go visit to see what’s new on the art scene and get yourself an original souvenir from Porto. Support local artists! ;)

To meet locals:
Gato Vadio | Rua do Rosário 281

More than a bookshop, Gato Vadio is a cultural association that offers a space for public talks and interventions on contemporary subjects. They organize debates, movie nights, music concerts, poetry readings… It’s a very alive place to check, you should pay a visit.

Don’t miss a visit to Rosário Street while exploring Porto’s downtown! Book a tour with us and we will show you all about this lively area of the city! And discover more about other Streets of Porto here :)

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