Things to do in Porto: Weekend time!

Summer continues and so do the events in Porto!

To start, we have the Sunset concerts at Virtudes Garden. Whatever concert is on, in this scenario, you are in for guaranteed entertainment! This Friday 18th from 19 pm you can see L’Ocelle Mare, a French guitar player!

Things to do in Porto
Por do Sol nas Virtuges program

Our beloved summer music program in Casa da Música still goes on strong. This Saturday 19th, at 10 pm, we can see the concert of S. Pedro, a Portuguese singer, former Doismileoito band member! With his new solo project, you can now hear him in concert launching his brand new pop album! Entrance is free.

Things to do in Porto
S. Pedro in Casa da Múscia

And if you are a fan of dance, you need to pass by Carlos Alberto Square! With an informal spirit, the “Dance in the Square” initiative is open to all who want to dance and intends to combine physical activity with intercultural exchange! On Saturdays, between 7.30 and 10 pm, the proposals will vary from Portuguese, European and African dances, lindy-hop, folk, among others. Sundays will be for forró, always between 6 pm and 11 pm, with sessions organized by Dj Inove Brasilidades and DJ Tiago Martins.

Things to do in Porto

If you want to know more about things to do in Porto, contact us! Or even better, book a tour with us! Besides show you around we will give you tonnes of good tips for you to enjoy the town ;)

Photos:; Casa da Música