Top 5 – Coolest bars in Porto!

Winter is over and Porto is getting ready for the good weather!


A good way to enjoy the upcoming warm nights is going out for happy hour and drinks! To help you on the task of exploring Porto’s nightlife, today we share our Top 5 Coolest bars in Porto: here are a few places where you can have drinks, something to eat and enjoy the city like a local!


Aduela Taberna-bar is a great option for a happy hour! Over there you can have some traditional “petiscos” (small portions of food) like chouriço, alheira, and even sandwiches. They also have a good selection of wines. If you cannot find a table inside don’t worry, the cool thing about going to Aduela is staying outside, where people gather to talk, have drinks and see the day turning into night!

Galerias de Paris is one of those places where you can have dinner and party at the same spot! This place is known by its crazy decoration, with walls covered with vintage and old items. Since it’s situated in the heart of Porto’s party area, this is a good place to start your night, combining food, drinks, and music!

To have great wines in an unusual location, go to Capela Incomum! This wine bar runs in an old chapel, built in the 19th century! Besides a great wine menu, they also serve cheese plates and other tapas to go with the drinks. It is located in downtown Porto but in a hidden street, which gives even more charm to this spot.

Another great place is Café Candelabro, a bit off the buzzing of Galerias de Paris area. Located at Conceição Street, this is the place to go to enjoy a drink in one of the outside tables – if the weather allows, of course! From there you can relax, sip a coffee or a beer, and see the nightlife of Porto moving. Plenty of other places near, like restaurants and nightclubs.

And if you want to go in a traditional bar, Âncora D’Ouro (best known as Café Piolho) is the one to go! Much connected with the university culture, this bar is the place where students have been gathering for decades – Piolho opened in 1909! Go there for “finos” (draft beer) and a Francesinha ;)

We hope you have enjoyed our tips and go check the city’s bars! And remember: to truly discover Porto and its hidden gems, book a tour with us. As locals we now all about the city’s best-kept secrets and places :)

Photos: TripAdvisor|Flickr|OportoCool|LocalPorto|Uol.