Top 5 posts we think you should see again!

Let’s revisit some great tips we gave you in 2016! ;)


As the year is coming to an end, we decided to look back to our News and choose our favorite posts from each section: “Why you should visit...”, “Streets of Porto“, “Become a Tripeiro“, “Top 5” and “Outside Porto“! So today our Top 5 is dedicated to them, those posts that we really enjoy making and sharing, and we think you should check them again :) Let us know if you liked them as much as we do!

Why you should visit… Igreja de São Francisco

São Francisco Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Porto! It has everything: an imposing grey facade, richness and gold Baroque in it’s interior and a catacomb made of bones! Discover more about it in our post:


Streets of Porto – Passos Manuel Street

Passos Manuel Street is one of the only streets in Porto that had never change it’s name! Up to today this street remains one of the most vivid areas in Porto’s nightlife: from restaurants to bars, including a theater and nightclubs, this lane has it all. Check our suggestions on this post:


Become a Tripeiro #1

AtWill is here to help you feel like a local, and with that in mind, we are now sharing with you information that only the people who live here in Porto are aware of! Get ready to become a real Tripeiro with our very first lesson:


Top 5 delicious Portuguese Conventual Sweets

Cornucópias, Barrigas de Freira, Castanhas Doces, Pudim do Abade, Sopa Dourada, Toucinho do Céu, Papos de Anjo, Trouxas de Ovos, Pastéis de Lorvão, Pastéis de Tentugal, Lampreia de Ovos, Pão de Rala… There’s so many conventual sweets that is hard to say which one is the best! Check our favorites at this Top 5:


Outside Porto – Amarante

Amarante is known as the city of Vinho Verde and that alone would be a great reason to visit this small town located 50 km away from Porto, but there’s more! Check it here:


We hope you liked our selection and keep on checking our posts! We will have many new stuff coming in 2017 :) And don’t forget: to discover the real and out-of-the-box Porto, book a tour with us!