Top 5 wine cellars with Port wine tasting!

Discover Porto with us! Today we share with you our favorite Port wine cellars.


Port Wine appears almost a synonym of the city of Porto – even though the grapes are originally from the Douro area and the wine is kept in Vila Nova de Gaia! This connection to the city goes back to the 17th century, when the beverage started to be exported to all over the world. And although it is possible to make similar wine elsewhere it can only be named Port Wine if it’s made in the Douro region!

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For that reason, a visit to a wine cellar is a big must-do during your time in Porto! And to help you on this delicious task we have selected our Top 5 wine cellars with Port wine tasting, so you can try this precious liquor and also learn about its origins and processes. Check it here and start making your itinerary:



Ferreira was created in 1751 by a family of winemakers and they have a great importance in the history of Port wine. Mrs. Antónia Adelaide Ferreira was the responsible for the consolidation of this brand and became a symbol of strength and power! Pay a visit to this cellar to discover more about its history and taste its famous wines. They are open every day from 10am to 12:30pm and from 2pm until 6pm. Tasting with 2 wines cost 10€ and with 5 wines 20€.


Pay a visit to The House of Sandeman for a great view of Porto’s historical center and for unique tastings. It’s history goes back to 1790, when a young Scottish named George Sandeman started to negotiate Port wine. During a visit you can learn about its history and see a selection of objects related to it. Tasting with 2 wines for 10€ and with a special selection of 5 wines is 20€. From March to October opening hours are from 10am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 6pm; from November to February 9:30am to 12:30 and 2pm to 5:30pm.


Created in 1820 by the Graham’s brothers, William and John, this cellar has a privileged location and houses over 2000 barrels and casks for ageing Port wine, as well as countless Vintage Port ageing in bottles. You can try 3 types of Port wines during their tastings – but you’ll have to make a reservation first! Prices start at 12€. From April 1st to October 31st working hours are: 09h30 to 18h00; From November 1st to March 31st: 09h30 to 17h30.


Taylor’s was created in 1692! Their cellar is opened all year and offers Port wine tasting combined with cheeses or chocolate. Audio guides for the exhibition are available and all visits include a tasting of 2 Port wines. Send them an email to request a workshop or a special tasting! Working hours are: from December to March, 10am to 6pm; from April to November, 10am to 7:30pm.


This company makes Port wine since 1859 and received many special prices for its recognized quality! During a visit to its cellar you can discover more about the history of the Douro Region and learn how to taste this special wine. Visits include a tasting of a red Port wine and a white Port wine. From April to October they also host Fado concerts, making this a unique experience! Working hours are: from May to October, 10am to 7pm; from November to April, 10am to 6pm.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Don’t miss this experience of learning and tasting the best Port wine you’ll ever see.

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