Top 5 Street Art in Porto

Discover the coolest urban art in Porto!

Porto is not yet the ultimate destination for those who are searching for the best urban/street art. But you’ll get surprised with the quality of the works spread through the city!

It is hard to imagine that, just a few years ago, the City Hall had an “anti-graffiti brigade”. Everything done on the city streets was painted off very quickly. Nowadays the city council perception changed, as well as locals’ ideas regarding street art. With support from both sides, we have some iconic works on Porto’s streets. Check our Top 5 Street Art in Porto here:

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This 130 square meters mural was done in 2014 by three great local artists: Mesk, Fedor e Mots. The work was an initiative of the project RU+A and Circus Network, with the main goal of promoting street revitalization through art. It was the first big public panel to be authorized by the city council and it truly helped the consolidation of street art in Porto.

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Just aside Trindade – the biggest subway station in the city – you can find this panel, made by two of the most important street artists in Porto: Hazul and Mr. Dheo. Side by side, you can see a typical work of Hazul, with its organic traces and figures with no face; and a portrait of Mr. Dheo’s father, painting a Clérigos Tower miniature. This work was done in 2014 and was a big step on the city’ receptiveness to street art.

street artAN.FI.TRI.ÃO is an amazing piece done by Frederico Draw in 2015. The old gentlemen is welcoming the people who are getting to Porto from Gaia! Some people say that the inspiration for the piece was the artist’s grandfather. The quality of the work is pretty amazing. Just be careful while taking pictures of it – the subway won’t stop for you to get the best angle!

street art in Porto

After making the famous portraits of the Fado singer Carlos do Carmo and the poetess Sophia de Mello Breyner in Lisbon, in 2015, Daniel Eime gave Porto this great gift. Located near the city’s Alfândega, it’s hard to miss this intricate stencil work. It depicts an old lady and we are not sure if it’s a local of this neighborhood or the writer Agustina Bessa-Luís.

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The first public piece done by Vhils in Porto was finally made in 2017. Sponsored by Look at Porto, it is located in Miragaia. The work is a tribute to the people who live in this traditional area of the city, who according to the artist are “human patrimony”. Vhils is one of the most prominent Portuguese street artists and has a unique technique. You should definitely check it very closely!

There are much more to see in Porto’s streets. If you want to discover the best street art in Porto, learn all about the local scene and visit some hidden places, book a Porto Street Art Tour with us! We can’t wait to show you our favorite pieces in town :)

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