5 street fairs and markets to visit in Porto!

Today we made a list of our favorite street fairs and markets in Porto!


If you’re looking for something specific to buy or just want to walk around and check what’s happening in Porto, popular markets and street fairs are a great option of where to go! We made a list of suggestions specially to you. Don’t forget to check the specific days that they’re happening! Let’s stroll around Porto’s streets, fairs and markets :)

Vandoma fair

In this street fair is possible to find literally anything! From second-hand items to clothes, books, furniture, dishware… named it and you will find it. It is the perfect place to find curious and weird stuff. Ah, and don’t forget to bargain! The Vandoma fair happens every Saturday morning at 25 de Abril Avenue (near Campanhã).

street fair

Clérigos Market

Right next to Clérigos Tower and Church you can find this street market where is possible to find all kinds of objects made by local designers and artists. They also have a great selection of vintage stuff. If the weather is not good the market happens inside Plano B, at Cândido dos Reis street. Clérigos Market happens every second and last Saturday of the month.

street fair

Bolhão Market

The most famous market in Porto is about to go under renovation work and will be closed soon, so visit while you can! Designed in 1850, the Bolhão Market is characterised by its neoclassical architecture and large number of shops. The inside part is divided into two floors and is dedicated to fresh products, like vegetables, fruits and flowers. Stop there to buy some local delicacies! Closes on Sundays.

street fair

Porto Belo Market

On Saturdays you can visit this street market right in the city centre, at Carlos Alberto Square. At Porto Belo market you can find the perfect present: from vynis to design clothes, bio and organic food, vintage cameras and handcrafts in general. Enjoy the sun relaxing on the seats they have available while listening to some good music.

street fair

Bird Fair

Located at Fontainhas, a very typical area of the city, the bird fair is all about… birds, of course! But if you’re not looking for a bird to bring home just stroll around the fair and enjoy their singing. Take the Sunday morning off to go there and enjoy the beautiful Douro River view!

street fair

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions! And remember: if you want to live Porto like a local, book a Porto B Side Tour with us! Get away from the touristy areas and join the other side of the city ;)

Photos: visitporto.travel