Become a Tripeiro – Lesson #2

If you want to sound like a true Portuense – like a tripeiro – you must learn the local slangs! And Porto has tons of it. But you have to be careful: don’t use this words in other cities of Portugal or you might risk be considered rude!


Here’s our selection of some of the greatest expressions and words used by the locals in Porto:

– Morcão: someone stupid;
– Tótil: means “a lot”, like in the sentence “tá a chover tótil” = “it’s raining a lot”;
– Grizo: the same as cold;
– Azeiteiro: similar to parolo, it means that someone is not very smart or have a bad taste in style;
– Fino: the way to order a draft beer (very important: don’t use it in Lisbon!);
– Chuço: umbrella;
– Chaço: and old car – don’t mistake with the umbrella word ;)
– Esperto como o alho [smart as the garlic]: someone that is really smart;
– Estar como um sino [being like a bell]: to say that someone is really happy!
– Chamar o Gregório [call Gregório]: throw up :P
– Bai-me à loja [go to the store]: you can say this one to someone that is bothering you;
– Cimbalino: the way locals call coffee;
– Jeco: dog!
– Ficar com os azeites [being with the olive oil]: being upset or pissed off;
– Para inglês ver [for the english man to see]: when someone does something to show off!

If you want to learn the origins of these expressions, book a tour with us! You will learn all about Porto’s culture and manners :D  Get in touch if you are ready to become a Tripeiro!