5 delicious vegetarian restaurants in Porto


The typical food is always full of meat (for a carnivore’s delight) and some tascas don’t even offer a vegetarian option. But, of course, it is not an impossible choice! Fortunately in the last couple of years the vegetarian way of life is growing in Porto and some very cool restaurants are opening. To help you on the task of being a vegetarian tourist in Porto – or even if you’re just looking for a different option or some healthy food -, here’s our list of delicious vegetarians restaurants in Porto:


Em Carne Viva

One of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in the city, Em Carne Viva is inspired by traditional Portuguese cuisine and creates delicious and innovative versions of old classics. Their aim is to provide an ecological and refined gastronomic experience. Located in one of the most vivid avenues in town, the restaurant has such a calm and cozy atmosphere that you will forgot about the craziness happening outside for a few hours.


More than a restaurant, daTerra has a takeout option, a catering service and a “home chef” service! All of that focused on bio products, always fresh and selected. daTerra food is as healthy as delicious, using the best vegetables, cereals and other goods available.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba is a vegan burger shop that also sells vinyl! In a relaxed and cool environment, this delicious burgers are served with amazing fries and different dessert options. It is a vegan delight! If you’re into rock, animal rights and tasty food… This is definitely the place for you.

Cultura dos Sabores

Located in the heart of Porto, Cultura dos Sabores is the ideal place for a healthy and quick meal any time of the day. They offer breakfast options, snacks, and also buffet at lunch and for dinner. It is the only restaurant in town where you can eat while seated in a swing! Try their vegetarian version of the typical Francesinha.


Gourmet version of vegetarian food. Located in a cozy house with a beautiful yard, Essência offers a one of a kind cuisine in a homelike environment. It is opened from Monday to Saturday, for lunch and dinner.

The weekend is coming, why not go out and try one of this amazing cruelty-free heavens? Let us know what you think of their food! And don’t forget: if you want to explore Porto with your stomach, book a Food Tour with Wine Tasting with us! :D