Why you Should Visit… British Factory House


This week our suggestion is the building of the British Factory House!

Built in the end of the 18th century in a Neoclassical neo-Palladian style (designed by John Whitehead), this building marks the importance of the British community in the city and it’s important role in the Port wine trade. It was originally conceived to be a meeting place for British shippers to discuss business. A curious historical fact is that, in 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars, the British Factory House was occupied by the French Army.

British Factory House

In 1811, with the extinction of the Factory Houses as a commercial association, the building became the headquarters for the British Association, responsible to promote the Port wine and keeping alive 200-year-old traditions of the Association. Nowadays the British Factory houses traditional social events like the Treasurer’s Dinner and the Christmas Ball. All the lunches and dinners are accompanied, of course, by great vintage Port wines! It is said that are more than 15,000 bottles stored in their repository. For their traditional Wednesday lunch, after a blind test the guests are asked to guess the year and the shipper of the Port wine they had!

British Factory House

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