Why you should visit… Café Majestic

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One of the oldest and most beautiful coffee houses in Porto, Café Majestic was founded in 1912. Located at Santa Catarina street, this place has an amazing atmosphere of luxury and refinement – from its opening up to today!


Many important people in Portugal’s history used to be regulars at Majestic. From writers  – as Teixeira de Pascoaes, José Régio and António Nobre – to artists, like José Rodrigues, Ângelo de Sousa, and many professors and students from Porto’s Fine Arts Academy. It was also the place of choice for important politicians, like Portugal’s former presidents Mário Soares, Jorge Sampaio, and Cavaco Silva.

Café Majestic original design was done by the architect João Queirós, who was inspired by the Parisian-influenced work of Marques da Silva – the architect responsible for São Bento Station! In 1983, the place was classified as a building of public interest and a cultural heritage site and, after a big renovation, it was reopened to the public in 1994. Nowadays, it is an Art Nouveau gem in the heart of the city!

Despite the huge lines to get a table, take some time to go to Café Majestic! Ask for a typical “rabanada” and enjoy its Belle Époque vibe!

Café Majestic
Address: Rua Santa Catarina, 112
Phone: +351 222 003 887
Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9h30 to 00h.

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Photos: Café Majestic website|TripAdvisor