Why you should visit… Castelo do Queijo

This week our suggestion is the Castelo do Queijo, a fortress located between the Foz region and Matosinhos.

Built in the 17th century to prevent the city against pirate attacks, the São Francisco fortress – popularly known as Castelo do Queijo (“Cheese castle”!) – has one of the most beautiful views to the Atlantic sea.

castelo do queijo

People say that the fortress got its name from the fact that it was built at the top of a granite rock that has a cheese shape! With its geometric shape, super thick walls, historical cannons and an amazing drawbridge, Castelo do Queijo is worth a visit.

Inside the Castelo there’s an exhibition of military items and sometimes a handcraft market. The fortress is located at the end of Boavista Avenue, next to Sea Life, the City Park and Matosinhos beach. It is the perfect place to take great pictures during a walk on the region in a sunny day!

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Photos: asminhasviagensdemota.wordpress.com|oquevisitarem.com|flickr.com/antonio_sardinha|visitporto.travel