Why you should visit… Soares dos Reis Museum

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Soares dos Reis is the oldest public museum created in Portugal! Existing since 1833 and created by D. Pedro, the museum’s first designation was Porto’s Museum of Prints and Paintings and it was located in an old convent – which nowadays is the city’s public Library. The initial goal of this museum was to take care of the assets collected from religious institutions during the Liberal war.

soares dos reis

In 1911 the museum changed its name to honor a great local sculptor, António Manuel Soares dos Reis. Many of his works are a part of the museum’s collection including one of his most notable pieces, a marble sculpture named O desterrado. Only in 1942 the museum moved to today’s location, the “Palácio das Carrancas“. This building was recently renovated by the famous architect Fernando Távora, expanding the museum exhibition area.

The museum collection holds more than 13.000 works! Composed of 3 thousand drawings and paintings made by important artists, it also counts with sculptures, prints, decorative art and archeological pieces. During your visit you can check its permanent exhibition and also temporary shows, mainly focused in Portuguese art.

Address: Rua D. Manuel II
Phone: + 351 223 393 770
Hours: Tuesday to Sundays – 10am to 6pm
Price: 5,00€ (discounts may apply)
Website: museusoaresdosreis.pt

Pay a visit to Soares dos Reis Museum during your visit to Porto! And if you like art and architecture, book a tour with us. We will design a tour that will cover your interests and you’ll explore the city in the company of a local professional guide!

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