Why you should visit… Taxca

Tasca is our local word to refer to those “whole-in-a-wall” kind of restaurants, where people from the neigborhood gather to eat delicious and cheap food. Portugal is full of those places and we are very found to our tascas. Everyone has its own favorites!

We are also big enthusiasts of the “tasca culture”, as you can tell by the itinerary of our Porto Food Tour: 5 different places (most of them outside the touristic track) to try 5 different foods and drinks! One place we always go for, either while doing a tour or in our free time, is Taxca:


Taxca has its origin in one of the most traditional tascas in town, namely the famous Taberna A Badalhoca. Located outside Porto center, the place is famous for its ham sandwich – served since 1965! Taxca owners learn the recipe from the original cooker and opened a place in the heart of Porto dowtown area.

So if you’re in town, go to Taxca to discover some typical portuguese petiscos (small portions of food – our version of the Spanish tapas). Try the ham sandwich but also the Octopus salad and Punheta de Bacalhau (literally translates as codfish handjob. Yes, you read it right).


If you’re the adventorous kind of eater, give a chance to Orelheira (salad made with pork ears). Or maybe some Papas de Sarrabulho, a soup made with meat and pork blood. To drink, go for a big glass of Espadal – a young sparkling rosé wine. And if you ask for a bottle of water, get ready for a surprise ;)

Photos: Turismo do Porto|Zomato|Xiomara Marques.