The ABC’s of Porto: G is for Gaia!

The ABC’s of Porto will get familiarized with local culture! Today: Gaia.


Popularly known as Gaia, Vila Nova de Gaia is Porto’s beloved neighbor city! Some unsuspected visitors may think that D. Luiz bridge connects different areas in Porto, but Gaia is an autonomous city, with around 300.000 inhabitants.

Its origins date back from a long time ago, just like Porto. It is believed that its name derives from the Celtic word “Gall“, which was used to refer to themselves (ever heard of Galizia or Galway, for example? ;) ). During the Roman occupation it was named Calle – and, together with Porto, formed Portus Cale.

Gaia was an important place for the Port wine commerce: on the 18th century, the General Company of Wine Agriculture in the Upper Douro and the wine cellars settled in its riverside, where they are up until today! The city was also a relevant place during the Peninsular and  Civil wars – Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar was one of the vital places to attack Porto!


Nowadays, Vila Nova de Gaia is a very popular among tourists, either to pay a visit to the wine cellars and try some Port wine or to take a ride in a Rabelo boat. You can also cross D. Luiz Bridge just to enjoy one of the best views over Porto. Sit down at Jardim do Morro to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in your life! Your visit will not be complete unless you take some time to explore Vila Nova de Gaia :)

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