Streets of Porto – D. Hugo Street

Explore the streets of Porto with AtWill! Today: D. Hugo Street


D. Hugo Street is one of the oldest streets in Porto! Located right behind Sé Cathedral the street was once named, literally, “Behind Sé Street”, and also Cathedral Street! Its current name is a tribute to the bishop that started the construction of that amazing cathedral, D. Hugo – a very important character in Porto’s history and was the city’s bishop from 1113 to 1136.

Right in the beginning of the street you can see an archaeological find: a remain of the Old protective wall, originally made by the Romans in the 3th century and rebuilt in the 12th century. This wall protected the Pena Ventosa Hill, the region where Porto started! Unfortunately there are almost no remains of that wall, but check this model showing how it must have looked back then:

A bit further on the street you will find Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro, in a beautiful house built in the 1746. There you can see the amazing collection of Portuguese poet Abílio Manuel Guerra Junqueiro, made by great pieces of decorative art like furniture, jewellery, ceramics and textiles from different periods of time. You can also visit temporary exhibitions and grab a coffee while enjoying its beautiful front yard!At house No. 5 in D. Hugo Street you can also find an archaeological site, a place where excavations discovered that the area was occupied from as far as the 4th century!

After passing the Verdades Chapel (this chapel houses the image of the Virgin that stood above the Verdades Door , one of the doors of the old primitive wall) you will find the Escadas das Verdades (translate as Stairs of Truth), a set of stairs going downwards. Take a few steps to check Arco das Verdades, the last arch remaining of an ancient aqueduct! Right there you can find another “Arco das Verdades“, a wine bar, perfect to take a sip and relax! Going back to D. Hugo Street you will end up at Terreiro da Sé, where you can visit Paço Episcopal or the Sé Cathedral. Enjoy the views from there and don’t forget to take some amazing pictures!

D. Hugo Street is a place you must check when visiting Porto! Book a tour with us and we will tell you all about this area and the city’s history :)

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