Top 5 esplanades to enjoy in Porto!

The weather in Porto is still sunny and warm, so we should enjoy it!

One thing that locals love to do is going out to one of the many esplanades Porto has. We take a seat, ask for a coffee or a drink and appreciate the views… Taking time to do nothing is important around here! If you want to enjoy your time in the city like we do, here are our Top 5 esplanades to enjoy in Porto:

Bar da Ponte Pênsil:
A fantastic spot in one of the most famous places in Porto. Located right beside D. Luiz Bridge, it’s an excellent way of getting away from the buzz and relaxing a little bit. Take a seat, grab something to drink and enjoy the magnificent views over the Douro River!

Bar da Ponte Pênsil, just over the Douro River!

Close to D. Luiz Bridge you can find the Guindais Stairs. It’s worth climbing them up until you find Guindalenses, an unpretentious bar with an amazing view. Located beside the Medieval Wall, it’s a popular place for everyone: students, old people that live in the area, tourists… Ask for a fino and enjoy the atmosphere!

Guindalense Bar, a must-go among locals.

Esplanada do Teleférico:
If you cross D. Luiz Bridge through its upper level, you should definitely check Esplanada. With one of the best views over Porto, its outside area is always packed! This is THE place to go if you want to take cool pictures over Porto’s Riverside.

Espalanada do Teleférico, with one of the most beautiful views.

Miradouro Ignez:
Going away from the Ribeira crowds, head to Rua da Restauração for two things: to see some local street art and to relax at Miradouro Ignez. This bar, located in a laid back area of Porto, has amazing views over the River and cool drinks to try. Once there, take your time to visit the beautiful Palácio de Cristal Gardens!

Miradouro Ignez, at Rua da Restauração.

Ibar Praia do Aquário:
Now let’s head to Porto’s seaside. This esplanade is the closest to the ocean as it can get! It is located at the top of some rocks and has amazing views. When it’s sunny it’s hard to find a seat available, but it’s worth to try! To get there, take to 500 bus that goes all the way from Ribeira to Castelo do Queijo.

Bar Praia do Aquário, so close to the ocean!

We hope you enjoyed our tips and go check these esplanades! And to truly explore Porto and discover its hidden gems, book a tour with us.

You will explore the city in the company of a local guide that will tell you all about it!

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