Top 5 Places to see the sunset in Porto!

Sunsets are great moments to take a break and enjoy the views! Whether you’re in the city, by the river or in the sea side, Porto has many different cool places for you to enjoy amazing sunsets. To help you with that, today we share our Top 5 Places to see the sunset in Porto! Head to one of these spots when the day is just about to end and enjoy:

Passeio das Virtudes

This place is a local’s favorite! People gather at Virtudes for a dose of sun light and for its great views over the Douro river. To celebrate the beginning of a brand new week, go there to lay on the grass and have a nice drink! Everyone is welcome: families with kids, young people and their pets, picnic lovers and last-minute musicians.

Palácio de Cristal

Amazing gardens with breathtaking views in the heart of Porto: it’s hard to get any better than this! Palácio de Cristal also has a great cultural program, varying from book fairs to free concerts. Don’t forget to check the City Gallery for art exhibitions!

Sunset at Palácio de Cristal Gardens.

Passeio Alegre

Passeio Alegre is a beautiful city garden is located at Foz, an area where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean. To get there, take the Tram #1 from the Ribeira area. Ocasionally you can find street markets and concerts happening at Passeio Alegre! Head to Felgueiras lighthouse for a scenic sunset :)

Torre dos Clérigos

Clérigos Tower is one of today’s top icons of Porto! Part of the baroque Clérigos complex (church, exhibition area, and tower) designed by Nicolau Nasoni in the 18th century, the top of the tower has one of the best city views. During summer, you can climb up its 240 steps until 11 pm. Get there around 8 and watch the sunset from an unique point of view!

Jardim do Morro

Ok, so this last place is not technically in Porto – Jardim do Morro is located across the Douro River, in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia! Recently refurbished, this garden has one of the best views over Porto and the riverside! If you’re fancing something to drink or eat, check Esplanada do Teleférico.

Sunset at Jardim do Morro.

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